New video, menus, and collaborations.

We have a massive overhaul of all menus beginning Sunday for dinner, and Monday for breakfast and lunch. So we thought we'd film a video to introduce you to some of our wonderful staff, and show you a little of what we've been working on for the new menus. As always, the video and menu are a bit coded for guests that like to be surprised at dinner. Check out the video here: 

Don't forget that we've made changes to our tipping policy. If you made a reservation prior to this week, a service fee will be charged when you dine with us and be distributed to the servers, bussers, dish washers, and tour guides. Going forward, all reservations will require a 100% deposit and no more payments will be accepted during dining.

If you've been following the newsletters, then you know about October 6th. We are very excited to be bringing some excellent chefs for the first Coonamessett Farm Foundation Gala. We've confirmed Ben Reade from the Edinburgh Food Studio/Nordic Food Lab/BUGS (documentary, netflix) as well as Jess Murphy from the highly lauded Kai in Galway, Ireland. More information on that will be released in the coming week.