the food: native american-inspired cuisine using only ingredients grown on three farms in Falmouth, MA. or foraged/trapped in the surrounding area. 5-7 course dinners, depending on the harvest, twice a night, three nights a week. These dinners are BYOB and include access to Coonamessett Farm pre and post dinner.


the chefs: 

Chef Brandon Baltzley: Southern-born Brandon Baltzley rose from his low-country roots to become a voice for native and nomadic cuisines. His professional experience includes working in the Michelin-starred kitchens throughout New York City and Chicago, before branching out on his own via the underground culinary community CRUX. Through pop-up dinners and one-off epicurean experiences, Baltzley went on to open TMIP in Michigan City, IN. Although the local-centric restaurant was short-lived, the spirit of celebrating regional American dining lives on at his latest project, prior to which he held the title of co-chef at Ribelle.


Chef Laura Higgins-Baltzley: Whether bussing tables of a New England cafe or working at award-winning Le Quartier Francais in South Africa, Laura Higgins commands professionalism and excellence in the kitchen. She graduated at the top of her class from the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA before moving to Chicago, where she was named sous chef of Trenchermen. Two years later, she returned to the East Coast, where she worked as executive sous chef of Ribelle.

the buffalo jump: 

A variation of the pishkun was the "buffalo jump." The V-shaped pathway was also used in this method, but it ended at a sheer cliff some twenty or more feet in height. The best jumps were at the edge of a good pasture which sloped gently into a shallow draw and toward the rim. Hunters ran the herd in the direction of the cliff.

Shortly thereafter, the thundering herd would plummet off the cliff, ending in a mass of dead and crippled beasts at the foot of the cliff. There, the hunters finished them off, and the women set immediately to skinning them, since any meat not cut, sliced, and placed on drying racks by morning would spoil.